We cultivate and distribute cannabis as a family business, offering the best price with the quality we aim for our clients

For businesses that sell cannabis, the following offers are available

Free samples

Contact us for free samples which include:

  • 1 parcel of 200gr with seed
  • 6 parcels of 10gr with seed
  • 2 parcels of 6gr of no seed
  • 2 parcels of 0,5gr of no seed
  • 1 parcels of 3gr of no seed

Package cost

  • 0,74 € / gr of no seed
  • 0,06 € / gr with seed

We can also create for you packages with your own packaging or jar with your own logo or sticker

In any case, the logo must be printed by you in order to avoid misunderstandings around color quality and must also abide to all the legal requirements, such as displaying the statute covering the production and the distribution of the product, as well as the quantities of each item.